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Complete Web Development Solutions

As a complete web development agency, we offer a comprehensive list of services related to web apps and their maintenance. Each of our offerings is well-planned, fully optimized, and highly scalable to help your business grow. From static websites to full-fledged eCommerce solutions, we are ready to take on all your requests.

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startup website

Startup Websites

We excel in developing and providing solutions to startups and businesses that are just beginning their new journey in this competitive space. We make sure your visions and brand values are well integrated in your website to gain the attention of your targeted audience, thus bringing in more traffic and visibility to your startup.

ecommerce solution

E-commerce Solutions

Based on your unique goals and requirements, we offer fully customized e-commerce solutions to help in bringing more sales through your website. We ensure that your online store is designed in a way that it is ready to take on high traffic while ensuring performance, security, and exceptional user experience.

corporate websites

Corporate Websites

If you are an MNC or an enterprise-level organization, our corporate web solutions are meant for you. We can help you pick the right technology stack while keeping in mind your business dynamics to deliver a highly engaging and scalable website that is ready to take on the market by storm.

web Applications

Web Applications

While keeping in mind your dynamic needs, we offer a complete range of web applications to help you with different kinds of business management and customer interaction processes in a smooth, quick and optimized way. We deliver solutions that are compatible across different platforms and devices to help manage your operations on the go.

Here’s What Else We Have To Offer


WooCommerce Integration

We can help you set up a WooCommerce based store from scratch, or help integrate it into your existing WordPress website. With our team of experienced developers and designers, you can get the desired look and feel of your store while ensuring top-notch performance, faster checkout, and seamless user experience.

API Creation

API Creation

Our expert backend developers can help you with all kinds of API related requests. Whether it's working on 3rd party API integrations like authentication and payment gateways or developing custom web APIs to communicate across different services, we can help build secure, fast, and efficient solutions.


CMS and Admin Development

With Our CMS services, you can now add, publish and modify your web content without any necessary programming skills. We also give our users access to all system portals with customized roles and permissions modules to help manage your business in a better way.

Graph and Chart With Dashboard

Dashboards with Graphs and Charts

Along with providing development services, we also analyze and track your business performance with the help of graphs and chart representation. We offer a wide range of web dashboard that allows you to analyze and act upon the strong and weak points of your business strategies.

Web Development Technologies We Excel In

Web Technology PHP


Being one of the most popular scripting languages for years, PHP is still the right choice for a wide range of websites. We can help you with core PHP scripts or help you with frameworks built on top of PHP to fulfill all your web development needs.

Node JS

Node JS

It is a JavaScript based backend framework used by our experts for delivering fast and secure backend services. It can also be used for conventional websites and API services for a wide range of back-end applications.

React JS

React JS

We make use of this efficient, declarative and flexible JavaScript frontend framework for building modern and lightweight user interfaces. It has come up as a popular choice over the past few years to help you develop complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code termed as components.

Vue JS

Vue JS

Here at Fire Flair, you will have access to this JavaScript which has an intuitive API and is truly reactive. We also provide world-class documentation to manage your Vue.js applications easily as your scale and adapt to your business needs.

Web Development Process of Fire Flair

There are so many strategies and tactics that you can apply but to achieve the best our experts follow a tried and tested process that eventually helps in building the most effective websites for you and your business.



One of the most vital components of building a website is information gathering. Fire Flair collects all the relevant information from different primary and secondary resources as well as the clients to build niche-based websites.



Your plans decide how well you will perform while doing web development. Based on your requirements and vision, our team analyzes and suggests the best plan out for your business web development.



Designing your website with the help of a skilled firm like Fire Flair can prove to be a game changer. We believe that for a web-based product or website to succeed, the design should be appealing as well as interactive. Our UI/UX team takes care of every small detail to make sure your designs speak for themselves.


Content Writing and Assembly

To keep the user engaged and coming back for more, content should be unique, detailed, responsive and related to the niche of your business offerings. As a part of our web development process, we analyze and create the best content and deliver it adequately to guarantee great outcomes.



A well-implemented code can do wonders for your business website. We take great care in deciding the right approach before actually coding it out to ensure an effective end result. With our dedicated web developers, you can expect well-formatted and bug-free codes to help your website succeed.


Testing, Review
and Launch

Testing is one of the main aspects that our team does to check the efficiency of the web application before it reaches out to end users. Once testing is done, the website is reviewed and then deployed on the live server for your targeted user to access on the worldwide internet.



Building a website might be easy but maintaining it is quite a daunting task. However, with Fire Flair, you need not worry. Our web maintenance and support services are meant to offer value at a reasonable cost to help you manage your websites in the long run.